Hi, I'm Nina Simon.

I spend my days working on OF/BY/FOR ALL, a nonprofit I founded to make civic and cultural organizations of, by, and for everyone.

If you like to read, check out my best-selling books The Participatory Museum and The Art of Relevance. Both are available for free online or you can buy them for your very own. You can also read hundreds of posts on the Museum 2.0 blog, which I authored from 2006-2019.

If you are more of an audio-visual person, here are two TEDx talks I gave on opening up museums and deepening relevance. Or a short video from when I was named Santa Cruz County Woman of the Year.

If you’re an in-person person, I live in Santa Cruz and travel often.
Here’s a list of upcoming events.

And if you want to chat, or you’re curious what I’m writing, sharing, and wondering now, connect with me via one of the links below.

P.S. A tip if you plan to cold-email me: please try to be as specific as possible about how I can help.